Note: An identical post appears on my design blog:, but I have included an excerpt of my story: Shadows of Dreams here.

I don’t know why I have such a mental block about promoting my writing. I certainly am not shy when crowing about other’s books—and especially the ones graced with my covers. I am generally quite proud of my design work, and that it’s done is support of writers is a karmic bonus. So why do I blush and p’shaw about my own written words? Maybe it’s because I get paid (nicely) for my design, that I consider myself a professional—and worthy of praise. I’ve never yet been paid for fiction. So I guess I feel like an amateur. I read great writers everyday—published ones, and those striving to be published. I even do a little editing and critiquing—and some people think I know what I am talking about. I’m not shy in saying that I know how to write marketing copy.

Still … bragging on my little stories seems a conceit. And it shouldn’t. Maybe other writers feel this way too. It holds us back. It’s hard to sell books these days. People who follow our blogs can always skip that post if they’ve heard it before. (Though nothing quite hurts like an “unfollow.”) So, I swallow my distaste for self-promotion and offer here a little commercial for our book, Witch Hunt: Of The Blood. Besides there are five of us writers in this book—and I love promoting them! I gave this story to Devin for her book—and I thought (and still think) it a worthy project. Witch Hunt: Of the Blood follows up on her very successful novel, Witch Hunt. We five writers each took up a character from that book and explored what might have happened outside of their parts in that family saga. The project was challenging—and great fun.

I stretched writing muscles I didn’t think I had. I don’t usually write anything magical, or paranormal. There are aspects of both in each of the stories. And each of the stories is set in a completely different time period. I do write historical fiction though—and read it—and love it. That was something I could sink my teeth into, and even if this isn’t a paid gig, I am actually kinda proud of what I did. But, that’s not the half of it. (It’s about 1/5th of it!) The other stories are really quite good. No matter how you feel about witches, or religion, or history, or war, or … or …. There is something here for nearly every reader.

You don’t have to have read the first book first, there isn’t really anything here that could mar that experience for you. But the original Witch Hunt is a darn good read. And it think that Devin is having a bundled sale on her website for the books together. Or, they are both available as e-books if you prefer that. So if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift … you can gift these books on Amazon. And buy one for yourself. If you do read it, please consider reviewing or at least rating the books on amazon and/or Goodreads. This helps writers SO MUCH with being discovered. Thanks. Now back to my regularly scheduled pimping of other people’s books!

And of course, the covers are pretty special.